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Cryogenic Deflashing

Cryogenic Deflashing

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Technical Process

The Operation Steps of Cryogenic Deflashing Technology

The moulded parts are placed in a perforated stainless-steel basket and inserted into a highly insulated blast chamber. Liquid nitrogen is injected into this chamber in which the basket with your moulded rubber parts is mechanically rotated to expose all parts to the blast media.Liquid nitrogen lowers the temperature (some cases up to -130°C) while freezing the rubber to make it brittle. A unique high-speed (up to 7,000 rpm) impeller directs and throws plastic shots at the tumbling parts into the rotating basket. Travelling at high-speed, these small pellets cleanly trim off the brittle flash leaving a high quality, flash less molding. The machine separates reusable media from debris (flash and dust).Parts that have thin flash can be quickly and thoroughly cryogenic deflashed.

Operation Process of the cryogenic deburring
Step A:
After precooling the machine inner chamber, set the parameter on the touch screen which is suitable for the parts to be processed.
Step B:
Use a barrel to contain the moulded parts first and then put into the machine basket and close the door.
Step C:
Press the cycle start button on the touch screen to let the moulded parts to be processed automatically.
Step D:
When one cycle is finished, press the cycle stop to stop runing and take out the finished parts which are sucessfully trimmed. And then start another cycle.